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Budweiser x Team Epiphany Mural

In Fall 2019, I had the opportunity to design two murals for Budweiser's event space at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA.

Bud was celebrating the 20th anniversary of their famous "WHASSSUP" TV campaign and tasked NYC agency Team Epiphany with building an immersive 90s-era bachelor pad. So to properly call back the times of 1999, Team Epiphany hired me to design the exterior of the space with some big boxy memorabilia.


Oh, and I had FOUR DAYS to finish it all.


Too many cups of coffee and some all-nighters later, I had the designs ready to be printed onto Budweiser's huge 30' x 10' walls. Not bad for a show happening on the other side of the country just a few days later.


Scroll down to see the full experience!

Budweiser mural 002.jpg
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