Budweiser x Team Epiphany Mural

In Fall of 2019 I had the unique opportunity to design two walls for Budweiser's event space at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA.


Team Epiphany, the agency I partnered with, was tasked with commemorating the 20th anniversary of Budweiser's infamous "WHASSSUP" TV commercials and needed some poppy, bold artwork for the exterior of the space. 


So to properly call back the times of 1999, we drafted up a composition stuffed with big boxy telephones, retro game controllers, boom boxes, and of course, beer.

The murals were created digitally using Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator and then were printed and installed at the event space in Long Beach.


Scroll through the full experience below!

Budweiser mural 002.jpg