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Blockborn: The Future of Gaming

Undoubtedly one of my favorite client projects to date, I was hired in February 2022 by Royalty Media to help create this sci-fi animated short. Misfits Gaming, our client, was getting ready to announce a new partnership with Tezos called Blockborn.


Billed as "the future of gaming," Blockborn wanted a splashy introduction, and it was up to me and two other creative badasses to see it through. And of course, we had 3 weeks to make it happen!

Together, we delivered the approved story, shot list, character designs, storyboards, concept art, music selection, sound effects, fully illustrated assets, and the final animated sequence just in time for its worldwide debut on March 10th.


My duties were character design, storyboards, concept art, and the fully illustrated characters + environments featured throughout the piece. But all three of us contributed every step of the way, and I'm thrilled with the results. Select concept art, character illustrations, and storyboards are below.


The full sequence of storyboards can be seen here.

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